When was HFH Formed? Is HFH Registered? How old is HFH Foundation?

Hand for Handmade (HFH) was started as an informal network to collectively respond to the challenges of the craft and handmade industry in the face of the Covid -19 global pandemic. HFH Foundation was formally registered as a Section 8 Company in December, 2020.

Does HFH Foundation work in India or other countries too?

HFH currently works in India and is open to working in other countries.

What is the Vision and Mission of HFH Foundation?

Vision: To re-imagine the Indian Handmade industry as a vibrant, contemporary industry that is meaningful for today and tomorrow. Mission: To energize the handmade industry through knowledge sharing, design innovation and building effective linkages in the ecosystem.

Who are the people behind HFH Foundation?

HFH is a network of artisans, designers, NGOs and individuals engaged in the craft and handmade sector.

What is the purpose of HFH Foundation? What kind of work is HFH involved in?

HFH is engaged with artisans in the craft and handmade ecosystem and intervenes in design, production and marketing of craft and handmade products. It also organises capacity building programmes, trend surveys and research, participates in events, campaigns and advocacy in support of the craft community.

What is the source of funding for the organization?

HFH is open to multiple sources of funding. Individual donations, CSR support, consultancies, and other similar compatible opportunities.

Is HFH a Private or Public Foundation?

HFH is a Public Foundation registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Who are the target beneficiaries of HFH?

Artisans and artisan-based organizations (specified years of work on craft) Fair-trade organizations CSOs, CBOs, NGOs with focus on community development and livelihoods Corporates (without any conflict of interest or contradicting business practices) CSR wing of Corporates Media Educational Institutions Public interest institutions (Museums, Libraries) Industrialists, Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs, Social entrepreneurs and students.

How does HFH empower the artisans?

HFH provides design, production and market related inputs to the artisans. HFH organises trainings and workshops for artisans. HFH demystifies the trends, challenges, regulations, policies, research findings for the artisans. HFH identifies and curates products by working with artisans and offers their platform handmadekatha.com to market these products.

Can I contact the Foundation with specific questions about my project/ idea?

Yes, you can contact the Foundation at info@handforhandmade.org

What kind of support does the Foundation provide?

The Foundation provides inputs in the sphere of design, production and marketing of craft and handmade products.

I have a plan that will support cluster or group of Artisans. Can HFH grant any funds for my project?

HFH frequently calls for applications. Please become a member to get regular updates from HFH. You can also mail us your idea in the template given in our website. We will respond to you within five working days.

Is HFH Pan India? Which are the geographic areas where HFH works?

HFH has members from across India and plans to be involved in projects across India.

How does HFH choose the projects / grassroots NGOs to work with?

HFH has a rigorous process of selection to identify craft communities and partners.

Making a donation to HFH

How can I donate to HFH Foundation?

For other donations related queries please write to info@handforhandmade.org

Donations are accepted in what currency by HFH Foundation?

The HFH Foundation accepts online donations only in Indian Rupees (INR)

Can a Non-resident Indian (NRI) make a donation?

Yes, a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) holding a valid Indian Passport can make donations to HFH. For donation above Rs. 50,000, the PAN number would be required.

Is the website safe to make online payments?

Yes, the website is safe for making online transactions. Also, the payment gateway (CC Avenue) is a recognized third-party payment gateway making all transactions secured.

How much should one donate?

There is no specific amount. One can become a member and pay donation as applicable to the category. One can also just make a donation.

Will individual donor get a receipt for the donation made?

Yes, a receipt will be issued for the donation made.

HFH cannot provide 80G receipt as yet for tax benefits.

Will I be updated on how the donated funds are utilized?

Our website will reflect all our ongoing work and projects. You will also receive regular updates through e-mail.

I have donated to HFH. What are the benefits available to me as a donor?

Please check the Donations section for detailed information

What are the various CSR initiatives that I can make use of to donate to your programmes?

Under the latest guidelines of Companies Act 2013 Clause no 135, corporates have been mandated to spend at least 2 per cent of their average net profit on CSR initiatives. We can help corporates channelize their funds according to their company’s CSR policy. We believe it’s time for urban corporates to consider investing in rural industrialisation that would secure and strengthen livelihoods in the rural areas. The corporates can select one or multiple of our programmes across India to achieve the mandated CSR target. All our projects have artisans at the core, are supported by committed professionals, and are diligently monitored.

What are the benefits of becoming HFH Member?

Please check the Membership section on our website for detailed information

How to Apply for Membership? How do I become a member of HFH?

Please visit the membership section of our website.

How can one associate with HFH Foundation?

HFH is constantly looking for new ideas and partners. You could become a member. You could also volunteer with HFH. Please write to us at info@handforhandmade.org

Is there any eligibility criteria for becoming HFH Member?

Yes. Please visit the section on Membership in our website.

Can an NGO become a HFH member?

Yes. Please visit the section on Membership in our website.

Does HFH have Code of conduct for its Members?

Yes, please read it in the Membership section.

I am an individual and a registered member; do I need to register my Organisation separately?

Yes, individual members have to register their organization as well if they wish to avail the benefits offered to Organisations by HFH.

Is our information private? Will you share or sell your data to anyone?

The Foundation does not share personal data like PAN and AADHAR Number or sell data.

Can HFH members meet independent of HFH?

Yes. HFH Foundation would not be responsible for any action or untoward situation arising in any of these meetings.

Can I find any trend reports or research reports or any other resources on HFH platform?

Yes. Members of HFH will be able to access various useful resources on the craft ecosystem.

HFH Volunteering and Internship

What are the tax benefits for donors? Can I get 80G receipts for my donation?

Yes, you can check on the ‘Volunteer with HFH’ section for more details.

Does HFH provide internships? If yes, how can I apply for it?

Please write to us and share your internship project and duration details in the given template.

HFH Products, Marketing, Member Venture Collaboration

Does HFH have any merchandise?

HFH helps in curating handmade products which are sold on the online platform handmadekatha.com

Is HFH a selling and buying platform?

HFH has created a platform HandmadeKatha for its members to connect with each other for buying and selling.

Does HFH promote handmade products only?


Can one connect to other members for business purposes?

Yes, HFH can connect its members for business in handmade and handicraft products.

Can members partner with each other outside HFH platform? Can I connect directly to the seller or any other member on HFH platform?

Yes, but HFH does not take any responsibility for such partnerships.

Can we sell on HFH platform?

Yes, a seller can become a registered vendor with handmadekatha.com

Are the sellers and buyers on HFH platform authentic?

Yes, they undergo thorough scrutiny and registration process.

Can one find connections related to their Business?

Yes, members can find connections related to their business on HFH Website. Please use the Search option on the website.

Can we do Import or Export of any handicraft through HFH platform?

Members can do deals between themselves which may involve import and export.

Does HFH focus on women empowerment and products developed by women artisans?

Yes, HFH aims at empowering women artisans by working with them and promoting their products.

HFH Campaign and Mentoring

Is HFH a learning platform?


Can one join various educative workshops and webinars on HFH platform?


Will I get a virtual exposure for learning various crafts?


Will there be any live sessions happening on HFH platform?